Why JK Short Sale?

Why JK Short Sale?


JK was founded by financial and real estate professionals to give you the best chance of success for eliminating your mortgage debt. We want to:

spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Ensure every family is well informed about the implications of a short sale for their own situation
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Provide practical alternatives if a short sale is not right for you
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Increase the likelihood of a successful outcome when a short sale is your best alternative.

No Other Short Sale Company Works This Hard For You

If your short sale can be closed, JK is sure to do it!

At JK, we spend time with you discussing the details of your situation and alternatives. We will:

spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Explain our experience with your particular lender.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Provide information about the deficiency laws in your state.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Discuss the general implications of foreclosure compared to a short sale.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Discuss alternatives to foreclosure to be sure a short sale is right for you.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Highlight exclusions related to the mortgage debt relief act.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px Discuss foreclosure and predatory lending laws.

JK’s team of experts work tirelessly to give you the best chance of closing a short sale.

The professionals include:

spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px-2line Foreclosure prevention experts to consult with you about your options and the related implications to be sure a short sale is right for you.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px-2line Professional negotiators with the financial knowledge and experience to work through a complicated transaction with your lender.
spacer-20x15redcheckmark-15px-2line Licensed real estate professionals with specific short sale experience to anticipate and resolve the complexities of closing your transaction.

No one works harder than JK to give you the best chance of closing your short sale safely and successfully.  Although no one can guarantee success (and you should be wary of any firm that does,) JK will go above and beyond to be sure your short sale closes. If a short sale is not right for you, we will make a referral to an experienced attorney who will provide a free consultation and discuss your unique situation and options..

And JK Short Sale is always FREE to Homeowners.

When you work with JK you are working with a team of experts that operate nationwide and understand how to close your short sale. First we will consult with you to be sure a short sale is your best option. If it is not, we will refer you to a local  attorney that will provide a free consultation. When a short sale is right for you, JK gives you the best chance at a successful short sale solution. We understand HAFA and traditional short sales and fight to get cash back if at all possible.


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