Understanding Short Sales

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A short sale is the sale of the property in which your lender agrees to accept less than you owe. Short sales are very complicated legal transactions and most short sale professionals are not equipped to handle the complexity. Due to varying lender requirements and individual state laws, short sales must be meticulously coordinated with multiple parties to be successful. That's why more than 75% of traditional short sales are unsuccessful 1, even though a short sale is usually better for both the lender and borrower. You need an experienced team working on your behalf.

JK has professional negotiators with the knowledge and experience you need to work with your lender. We negotiate both residential and apartment short sales and have experienced real estate and financial professionals with years of experience closing complicated transaction. If it can be closed, JK is sure to do it.

At JK Short Sale, your short sale is cost-free. You can walk away should a short sale cease to be in your best interest. We make our guarantee with confidence because our success rate is three times the industry average.



1. Campbell Communications Study, February 2009, as reported by USAToday 8/5/2009

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