The JK Short Sale Process

The JK Short Sale Process

The JK Short Sale Process to Stop Foreclosure

At JK Short Sale, we give you the best chance of a successful short sale. We approach each situation individually and work to achieve the best outcome – at no cost to you. Our primary focus is to eliminate your mortgage completely and avoid any deficiency that may remain after a sale. We handle all the complex details and you remain in control. If a short sale is no longer in your best interest you can cancel it at any time.

Our proven process eliminates the stress of dealing with your lender, gives you the best chance to stop foreclosure, and enables you to move on with your life without worry.

  1. Initial consultation. We spend the time up front to make sure a short sale is right for you. This is your opportunity to speak with a foreclosure defense expert, ask questions about your particular situation and understand your options. And there is never any pressure. JK has helped hundreds of clients nationwide get back to better days. We look forward to helping you.
  2. Financial package. If you decide to pursue a short sale, we'll send you a package that includes all the documents you need to get started and help you with any questions you have along the way.
  3. Listing appointment. When your Financial Package is complete, one of our real estate agents with expertise in your local area will meet with you to collect the package, have you sign any other documents needed for the short sale, and take pictures needed for your real estate listing. We will then prepare a market valuation. This valuation can be used for comparison to the HAMP approved listing to assess the viability of the short sale if your lender is a participant.
  4. Initial Offer.  If your loan qualifies under the HAMP program, JK negotiators will coordinate to get your listing price preapproved. If your loan does not qualify under HAMP, an investor buyer will make an initial purchase offer. This starts your short sale immediately, makes it possible to stop a pending foreclosure, and reduces the waiting period for subsequent buyers. While the lender is preparing their valuation of the property, our real estate agent will list the property and accept back up buyers.
  5. Negotiate with Short Sale Lender. We'll coordinate a series of offers and counter offers with your lender(s). If your short sale is approved, we will obtain documentation from your lender for your review and approval.
  6. Close the Short Sale. If the terms of the short sale are acceptable to you, we will close the short sale.



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