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JK Delivers on Promises "JK did what they said they were going to do. They didn't make promises they couldn't keep. JK started talking with the bank on Friday when we were on the brink of foreclosure. By Monday the trustee's sale was postponed. Our whole short sale was completed in less than three months. We would recommend JK with confidence to anyone in a similar situation."

Mac - Homeowner, Salt Lake City, UT
JK Works Hard For You "JK was great to work with! We were four days away from a trustee's sale when JK stepped in and got the sale postponed. In less than two months, my loan was fully satisfied with no deficiency and my payment history was marked 'Paid as Agreed.' Now I don't have to worry about having a foreclosure on my credit, and can now move on with my life!"

Mike - Homeowner, Provo, UT
JK Has Professionals You Can Trust
"I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't know which way to turn. The professionals at JK helped me understand the process and negotiated a purchase of our home that did not damage our credit. You can rely on their professionalism and integrity."

Harriet - Homeowner, San Diego, CA

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Want to Stop Foreclosure? Strategically Eliminate Mortgage Debt?

We know your situation is unique so we provide a FREE CONSULTATION to help you:

redcheckmark-15px Explore your alternatives redcheckmark-15px Avoid common mistakes

redcheckmark-15px Eliminate your mortgage debt redcheckmark-15px Minimize your tax burden

redcheckmark-15px Protect your credit rating redcheckmark-15px Stop foreclosure


JK Short Sale is Free to Homeowners


Because short sales are often the best alternative to foreclosure, JK Short Sale works to provide the safest, most effective short sale program -- at no cost to you. Our close rate, over three times the industry standard, demonstrates not only the effectiveness of our program but also our commitment to homeowners. JK Short Sale offers:

Free Consultation: We will spend time answering your questions and provide essential information to help you assess your options


Expert Team: Our team of financial and real estate professionals have expertise you can rely on.


Success at No Cost: Our program is always FREE to homeowners.


Complete Solution: We provide a full-service offering to give you the best chance to eliminate your mortgage debt without a deficiency.




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Our Promise: To Operate with Integrity

Everything we do is influenced by our philosophy that we're not working on deals, we're working for families. Our commitment to homeowners makes us one of the most effective companies is the business.


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